This function will stop all communication activities.


This function removes the CANopen node from the CAN bus interface.

To reactivate a stopped CANopen node, the functions CONodeInit() and CONodeStart() must be called again.


void CONodeStop(CO_NODE *node);


Parameter Description
node pointer to node object

Returned Value

  • none


The following example shows the sequence for restarting a CANopen node AppNode. Assuming the CANopen stack is initialized and started before, we just need to stop and re-initialize the stack to reset the node.

    CONodeStop (&AppNode);
    CONodeInit (&AppNode, (CO_NODE_SPEC *)&AppSpec);

    err = CONodeGetErr (&AppNode);
    if (err == CO_ERR_NONE) {
        CONodeStart (&AppNode);
    } else {
        /* error handling and diagnostics */

Attention: The shown example is NOT identical to the standard node reset which can be requested from the CANopen master or via the API function CONmtReset(). The difference is: the example will transmit the boot-up message.