This function allows user defined SDO Abort codes when implementing user type object entries.


This function allows the definition of user defined SDO abort codes within user type function implementations.


void COObjTypeUserSDOAbort(CO_OBJ *obj,
                           CO_NODE *node,
                           uint32_t abort);


Parameter Description
obj pointer to object entry
node pointer to parent node
abort user defined abort code


The following write-function for the type COTDemo send the user defined SDO Abort code “0x01020304” on a write access to object entries with this user type.

const CO_OBJ_TYPE COTDemo = { 0, 0, 0, DemoWrite };

#define CO_TDEMO ((CO_OBJ_TYPE*)&COTDemo)

int16_t DemoWrite(CO_OBJ *obj, struct CO_NODE_T *node, void *buf, uint32_t size)
  /* define the SDO Abort code */
  COObjTypeUserSDOAbort(obj, node, 0x01020304);

  /* indicate an write error */
  return CO_ERR_TYPE_WR;

Note: The CiA standard doesn’t reserve or allow any manufacturer specific SDO Abort code regions. Therefore, use this function with care.