Parameter Storage

The parameter component provides an interface to the parameter group handling.


      CO_NODE -- CO_PARA
      CO_NMT_RESET *-- CO_PARA : Type
      class CO_PARA {
        -uint32_t Size
        -uint8_t Start
        -uint8_t Default
        -uintptr_t Ident
        -uint32_t Value
      class CO_NMT_RESET {


The class CO_PARA is defined within co_para.h and is responsible for storing and restoring the right CANopen parameter groups in dependency to the NMT reset type. The following data members are in this class:

Data Member Type Description
Size uint32_t size of parameter memory block
Start uint8_t* pointer to parameter memory block
Default uint8_t* pointer to default parameter block
Type CO_NMT_RESET parameter group reset type
Ident uintptr_t* pointer to user identification code
Value uint32_t value, when reading this parameter group


The following table describes the API functions of the CANopen parameter module. These functions are implemented within the source file: co_para.c/h

COParaRestore() This function is responsible for removing the changes on the parameter values of the given parameter group.
COParaStore() This function is responsible for the storing activities of the given parameter group.