TPDO Event

This area describes the API functions of the CANopen transmit PDO module. These functions are implemented within the source file: co_tpdo.c/h

The class CO_TPDO is defined within co_tpdo.h and is responsible for the CANopen transmit process data objects (TPDOs). The following data members are in this class:

Data Member Type Description
Node CO_NODE* pointer to parent node
Identifier uint32_t CAN message identifier
Map[] CO_OBJ* pointer list to mapped object entries
EvTmr int16_t event timer identifier
Event uint16_t event time in timer ticks
InTmr int16_t inhibit timer identifier
Inhibit uint16_t inhibit timer in timer ticks
Flags uint8_t transmit status flags
ObjNum uint8_t number of mapped object entries

Note: The data within this structure must never be manipulated without the corresponding class member functions. This can lead to unpredictable behavior of the node.