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Layout of Repository#

The following description explains the included directories of the repository canopen-stack in the released package.

  +- src            : --- CANopen Stack source code ---
  |  +- config      : configuration files
  |  +- core        : core services
  |  +- hal         : hardware abstraction interface
  |  +- object      : object type functions
  |  |  +- basic    : basic types
  |  |  +- cia301   : CiA301 types
  |  +- service     : protocol service files
  |  |  +- cia301   : standard protocols
  |  |  +- cia305   : layer setting service


When cloning the CANopen Stack repository, you need the src directory tree only. The repository contains in addition a test directory with a collection of unit- and integration-tests running on the host.

Directory: config#

This directory contains the configuration of the CANopen Stack. The intended purpose is to create a library with your cross-compiler with all source files in the directory src and a specific configuration, defined in the file co_cfg.h:

mandatory settings
- CO_SSDO_N     : maximum number of possible SDO servers (default: 1)
- CO_CSDO_N     : maximum number of possible SDO clients (default: 1)
- CO_TPDO_N     : maximum number of possible TPDOs (default: 4)
- CO_RPDO_N     : maximum number of possible RPDOs (default: 4)
- CO_EMCY_N     : maximum number of possible emergency codes (default: 32)
settings for optimizing resource usage
- USE_LSS       : enable/disable support for LSS functionality (default: 1)
- USE_CSDO      : enable/disable support for SDO clients (default: 1)

Directory: core#

This directory holds the general CANopen functions, which are implemented according the specification Cia301.

Directory: hal#

This directory holds a common interface definition used within the CANopen stack to access different chip vendor hardware abstraction layers via drivers. The drivers are not included in this directory, they are part of the target specific project. (see an example in canopen-stm32f7xx).

Directory: object#

This directory includes the implementation of object type functions. The subdirectory basic includes the basic data types, which handles values in object dictionary entries.

Other subdirectories (e.g. cia301) includes object types, which performs some kind of functionality during reading or writing from/to the object entry. The name of the subdirectory describes the source of specification for this object type.

Directory: service#

This directory holds the implementation of CAN protocols. The subdirectory cia301 and cia305 describes the source of specification for the included protocols.