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Layout of Repository#

The following description explains the directories within this repository.

  +- canopen        : --- CANopen Stack source code ---
  |  +- config      : configuration files
  |  +- include     : include files
  |  +- source      : C source files
  +- driver         : --- driver templates ---
  |  +- include     : include files
  |  +- source      : C source files
  +- example        : --- example projects ---
  |  +- quickstart  : quickstart files
  +- testsuite      : --- testsuite ---
  |  +- app         : test application
  |  +- testfrm     : test framework
  |  +- tests       : tests for CANopen Stack

When using the CANopen Stack, you need the canopen directory tree only. All other directories are for managing the development and testing of the CANopen Stack.

Directory: canopen#

This directory tree contains the embedded source code of the CANopen Stack. The intended purpose is to create a library with your cross-compiler with all source files in the directory source and a specific configuration, defined in the file co_cfg.h:

mandatory settings
- CO_SSDO_N     : maximum number of possible SDO servers (default: 1)
- CO_CSDO_N     : maximum number of possible SDO clients (default: 1)
- CO_TPDO_N     : maximum number of possible TPDOs (default: 4)
- CO_RPDO_N     : maximum number of possible RPDOs (default: 4)
- CO_EMCY_N     : maximum number of possible emergency codes (default: 32)
settings for optimizing resource usage
- USE_LSS       : enable/disable support for LSS functionality (default: 1)
- USE_PARAMS    : enable/disable support for NVM parameters (default: 1)
- USE_CSDO      : enable/disable support for SDO clients (default: 1)

Directory: driver#

This directory tree contains the template files for your driver development (the dummy devices). For the testsuite, there are sim drivers included which simulates the hardware behavior for testing purpose.

Directory: example#

This directory tree contains example projects which you can take for inspiration and learning the stack. You may copy and adjust these projects to your needs.

Directory: testsuite#

This directory tree contains a test application running on the host and checking the behavior of the CANOpen Stack with a simulated CAN interface.

The README within the repository root explains how to setup a local development environment, which is able to run all tests after enhancements.